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At Living Science we believe that effective learning can be very enjoyable, in fact we have found that using a live animal demonstration really helps pupils to learn about serious topics such as Classification, Life Cycles, Habitats, Endangered Animals and many others.

Not only do we offer a full range of topics but we are flexible enough to adapt to your individual needs. For example, if you require one talk covering both Habitat Loss and Recycling we can provide this at no extra cost. Furthermore if you would like a talk covering a topic not listed, i.e. a specific habitat, we have the knowledge and experience to develop new talks, again at no extra cost.

With Living Science, the price you see is the price you pay, no supplements for larger animals etc. In fact, you can choose which animals you would like included from our wide selection, though obviously it must be remembered that not all of our animals fit into each talk, a skunk would be a little out of place in a Minibeast/Invertebrate talk!

We never use endangered species and wherever possible we use animals from rescue centres, they are selected for temperament and all are risk assessed. At Living Science, Health & Safety are of paramount importance, your talk will be delivered by a professional animal handler who holds a recognised Health & Safety qualification. We will of course provide you with a full risk assessment and copies of our insurance schedule.

We are inspired by a passion for animals and their conservation, this in turn inspires children to take their learning further.